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This was the first year that the school-based health centers in Danbury were not run by the city, but rather under the authority of the Connecticut Institute for Communities.  Executive Director Jim Maloney has given an update to the City Council now that school is out of session for the summer.  He says things went fairly well with his organization as a subcontractor.


The Centers are located at Broadview and Rogers Park middle schools and Danbury High School.  They provide physical, mental, and some oral health services.  A medical center is also located at Henry Abbott Tech.  More than 90-percent of the schools population have parental permission to receive treatment.


Some vacant staff positions were filled and the licensing and billing were shifted.  This summer, they plan to bring the electronic health system into alignment with the school-based health centers.  Maloney says they hope to have that last transition piece in place by the fall.


Through April, there were nearly 3,700 student visits.  Of them, 2,100 were medical visits, 1,300 were behavioral health visits, and 189 were dental visits.

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