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Engineering firms take pre-bid tour of Hearthstone Castle

A tour of Hearthstone Castle in Danbury took place Thursday for engineering firms interested in submitting bids to the City about plans to stabilize the structure.  The tour is mandatory because any proposal for engineering services without having seen the castle, will not be considered. 


Mark Nolan of the Friends of Tarrywile Park said at a City Council meeting earlier this year that the castle in its present state is saveable with some work to secure it.  A study was done recently about what can be done with the site in the future.  The findings ranged from a school to an observation deck.  A lot of the recommendations are cost prohibitive and are not feasible.


Nolan says the retaining wall on the lower side is deteriorating.  If that is allowed to go, more damage will de done to what is left of the structure.  Hearthstone Castle was built in 1897.  The outer walls are all that is left of the structure after years of neglect saw the roof and internal structure collapse into the basement. 


Even if the decision is to take the castle down and make a picnic area, an engineering plan needs to be done. 


The bids are due to City officials by the end of the month.