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Danbury reports Primary results in GOP, Democratic races

Danbury is reporting preliminary race results for the Primary contests.  The Democratic Registrar of Voters contest was between Danbury Democratic Town Committee endorsed candidate Susan Ward garnered 665 votes.  Incumbent Marge Gallo, who petitioned her way on to the ballot, received 699 votes.


Danbury Republicans were at the polls Tuesday as well.  The Registrar of Voters reports that GOP endorsed gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley received 586 votes.  John McKinney received 509. 


There were three people running for Lt. Governor.  Endorsed candidate Penny Bacchiochi garnered 626 votes.  McKinney’s running mate, Dave Walker, received 263 votes.  Heather Somers, who originally was going to be Mayor Mark Boughton’s running mate, received 198 votes. 


The Comptroller’s race was between two political newcomers.  Sharon McLaughlin of Ellington, the endorsed candidate, received 803 votes.  Angel Cadena of Shelton received 213 votes.  McLaughlin has a master’s degree in accounting from Southern New Hampshire University.  She has worked for the last 15 years at Entex/Siemens.


In Bethel, Foley received 240 votes, McKinney received 268.  Bethel voters also cast 160 votes for Walker, 177 for Somers and 163 for Bacchiochi.


In Brookfield, Foley received 307 votes, McKinney received 228.  Brookfield voters also cast 165 votes for Walker, 106 for Somers and 257 for Bacchiochi.


In New Fairfield, Foley received 193 votes, McKinney received 105.  New Fairfield voters also cast 62 votes for Walker, 84 for Somers and 148 for Bacchiochi.


In New Milford, Foley received 316 votes, McKinney received 316.  New Milford voters also cast 148 votes for Walker, 182 for Somers and 296 for Bacchiochi.


In Redding, Foley received 174 votes, McKinney received 140.  Redding voters also cast 132 votes for Walker, 99 for Somers and 77 for Bacchiochi.


In Sherman, Foley received 69 votes.  McKinney received 47.  Sherman voters also cast 25 votes for Walker, 29 for Somers and 59 for Bacchiochi.


In Wilton, Foley received 219 votes, McKinney received 230.  Wilton voters also cast 174 votes for Walker, 174 for Somers and 98 for Bacchiochi.  Turnout was 11% of eligible voters.


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