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Newtown's First Selectman and Superintendent of Schools have issued a joint statement in advance of next month's two year anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook School.  The letter from Pat Llodra and Joseph Erardi says like last December 14th, the day will be recognized through personal reflection and remembrance.  There are no formal or official ceremonies being held by the town or the schools. 


They thanked people in advance for respecting school children and residents with privacy and gentleness of spirit.


The Superintendent says each school may recognize the anniversary in ways that are appropriate for their age group.  Town organizations such as Parks and Rec, the Library, Edmond Town Hall and the Senior Center may remember the anniversary in ways that are within their scope of service. 


Llodra and Erardi said in their note that there are days of joyful hope and occasional dips of despair, but that Newtowners are grateful for the continued support of those beyond the town's borders.  Newtown officials thanked neighboring towns, the state, nation and world for the kindness and support as the town continues on a journey of recovery.  Newtown officials continued to encourage others to create long-lasting and sustainable good in order to honor those who lost their lives in the senseless act of violence. 


Llodra reiterated that no one can undo what happened, but they can chose to respond to it.

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