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Area lawmakers react to Gov.'s State of the State address

Area officials are reacting to Governor Dannel Malloy's State of the State address, which he delivered yesterday shortly after being sworn in for a second term.  Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton says he wishes Malloy a good four years, because as well as he performs is how well the state will perform.  Boughton says he hopes to work with the Governor for the betterment of the City.


Former Danbury State Senator David Cappiello appeared on CT-N and said Malloy did not have an easy first term. 


He cited having to deal with the state employee unions, some natural disasters and the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  Cappiello says that's a lot for any governor, let alone a first term governor.  But Malloy also said the budget deficits were something he inherited.  Cappiello says now that Malloy has been governor for four years, he has to own the budget.


Cappiello notes that Malloy won the election by a bigger difference than last time.  Whether he agrees or disagrees with the agenda, Cappiello says he likes that Malloy has an agenda and doesn't shy away from pushing it forward.