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Newtown Selectmen recommend gunman's home be demolished

The Newtown Board of Selectmen is recommending to the Legislative Council that the Yogananda Street home of the Sandy Hook gunman be demolished.  According to minutes of the Board meeting this week, officials said there was significant outreach to those most effected by 12-14, with varying responses.  Most felt the house should be demolished and land left undeveloped. 


First Selectman Pat Llodra proposed that if the land is eventually sold for redevelopment, any profit revert back to the families or be put in a mental health fund.  She said if many years in the future the property is sold, the money should not go into the town's coffers. 


The Sandy Hook Insurance Recovery Fund was created to account for proceeds received from building and business insurance after 12-14, and could be used for the demolition. 


No other action was taken by the Board on Monday.


The appraised value of the 3,162-square-foot home was $523,620.


Bill LaCalamito, senior vice president at Hudson City Savings Bank, said when the house was deeded to Newtown that there was some work done on the house. For example, the bank had the house stripped of rugs, furniture, lighting fixtures and other effects and incinerated the belongings.


The bank also paid for new locks, repaired or replaced doors that were "compromised" by police who entered the house in the immediate aftermath of the Dec. 14, 2012, shootings, installed a security system and hired a landscaper to maintain the property.


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