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Public hearing in Bethel on proposed cell tower

There's a public hearing Tuesday night in Bethel about a proposed cell tower off Codfish Hill Road.  The Connecticut Citing Council will be in Bethel to hear concerns, questions and comments.  The tower is proposed at 150 feet tall near the intersection with Twin Maple Drive.  The proposed site is also located less than two miles from the Rock Ridge Country Club and Huntington State Park.


The cellular tower is for the primary use of AT&T, but will accommodate three other wireless carriers.  In addition, its equipment shelter and generator would be located within a 5,625 square foot compound near the base of the tower.


Longtime resident Geraldine Mills opposes the idea.  Her main concerns, the same about power lines that eventually were buries, is electromagnetic fields.  She cited a study by the British Medical Study on the dangers of EMF zones when it comes to a link to some childhood cancers.


An alternative location, 700 feet further away from Twin Maple Drive, has also been discussed.  That tower would be 170 feet.


Bethel state Representative Dan Carter says the tower company is out of Florida, and the homeowner would get paid to have it in their yard.  While he hasn't weighed in from an official position, he does live in the area.  Carter hopes the Siting Council will find somewhere else to put the cell tower.  Some of the concerns he's heard from neighbors include about property values and aesthetics.


Tuesday's hearing is at 7pm in the Bethel Municipal Center.