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Newtown's firearms ordinance will not be amended.  The Newtown Legislative Council voted unanimously to not restrict carrying firearms, even when they are permitted, into a local public building. 


First Selectman Pat Llodra said during the meeting last week cited an incident in 2010 where someone brought a handgun to a Panama City, Fla., school board meeting and shot an official.  She says some concerns were raised after that, and again after the shootings at Sandy Hook School.  The ordinance was adopted in September 2013, but the drafting process began before the shootings on 12-14. 


The ordinance committee decided that the current law addressing public safety was a good one. 


Committee member Ryan Knapp said during the meeting that very few communities have such a restriction.  Police have not received a complaint about anyone with a firearm in a public building.  Knapp says there were no issues where police didn't have a "tool in their toolbox", and unable to take action.

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