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Danbury, Brewster FHL hockey teams to have same ownership

Fans turned out for an announcement yesterday by the Danbury Titans, of the Federal Hockey League.  Former Danbury Whalers Coach Phil Esposito will be the coach of the new team. 


Danbury Ice Arena Regional Manager Kevin McCormack says there's a 6 year lease with the team.


The season starts in October.  There almost wasn't a 2015-2016 season though.


In June, the FHL announced that a team owned by Barry Soskin of Chicago, who owns two other teams in the six-team League, would play at The Brewster Ice Arena.  It's located just a stone's throw from the Danbury Ice Arena, where the Danbury Whalers played last season.  The General Manager was going to be Herm Sorcher, managing partner of the Danbury Whalers--an inactive member of the league in good standing.  The Whalers were in a legal battle with Eagle Ice Sports over the team's lease at their building. 


When Bruce Bennett and Ed Crowe got permission to join the FHL shortly after that announcement, the Stateline Whalers decided to forfeit their stake in the FHL.  Bennett says if they didn't pick up the Brewster team, the FHL wouldn't exist.  A team in Michigan put it in their contract that the League has to have six teams.  He agreed that a League with only four teams was not worth investing or playing in because you see the same challengers all the time.


The Brewster Bulldogs will play at the Brewster Ice Arena.  A manager has not yet been named for the Brewster team.


The Titans will play seven home games against Brewster, with the Bulldogs playing seven home games against the Titans.  The rest of the schedule has worked out so that when the Titans are home, the Bulldogs will be on the road and when the Bulldogs are home, the Titans will be on the road.

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