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State lawmakers have approved a mid-year budget-trimming plan, with provisions of the plan including possibly closing some facilities for the disabled. The plan also trims some business taxes. Governor Dannel Malloy did not get a proposal for a constitutional ``lock-box'' to keep transportation revenues from being spent on other programs. 


Danbury Democratic State Representative Bob Godfrey, who serves as Deputy House Speaker, says the lock box is a set up for putting tolls on the state borders.  He said the loopholes in the legislation are big enough to drive a truck through.


Danbury Republican state Representative Jan Giegler voted against the lock box.  She says allowing money to be diverted before it can get to the fund or altering what those funds can be used for goes against the very concept of a lock box.  


Newtown state Representative Mitch Bolisnky voted against the transportation funding lock box proposal saying that the enabling legislation intended to create the program came with a $35-million raid of special transportation fund dollars.  He says it was full of irresponsible holes, leaving a colander incapable of holding water or dollars.


Southbury Republican State Representative Arthur O'Neill says the lock box is worse than nothing because it is so deceptive and misleading.  He says it provides cover to those who want to do other things with the money.


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