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A local lawmaker is calling on her Congressional colleagues to spend more time with the families and loved ones of gun violence victims.  5th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty says that's because in the three years since Sandy Hook, the majority of the House hasn’t allowed a single vote on gun safety legislation.


Esty says it's become habit that after every new tragic mass shooting for the House to merely acknowledge a moment of silence, and then go back to business as usual.  She said again that the time has passed for moments of silence and now is the time for hours of action.


Esty asked for unanimous consent that the House bring up H.R. 1076, the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act.  The Speaker said they were not in session for that.  Esty said she would therefore stand quietly for the remainder of her time to protest the "appalling silence of this House’s refusal to meaningfully prevent gun violence.”


Esty is Vice Chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

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