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Danbury Mayor lobbies state lawmakers on behalf of CCM

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities annual "Day on the Hill" has been held by CCM members as they lobbied lawmakers at the state capital with their concerns.  CCM President Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton says they're willing to help achieve fiscal stability, but that the state shouldn't cut municipal aid.  He says the "do no harm" attitude should be employed.


Some lawmakers have criticized cities and towns as not doing enough to achieve efficiencies in the cost of government.  Boughton said to be lectured by the state about being held accountable is absurd.


Some legislative leaders have also suggested state aide be tied to performance by towns in cutting local costs.  Boughton said the state should get their own house in order, because municipalities don't run deficits in their budgets.  He added that municipalities are still able to deliver critical core services and a quality of life that residents can be proud of.


Boughton says when the state levies new mandates, new funding doesn't follow.  He stressed that every new idea creates unintended consequences for cities and towns.

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