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Ridgefield Police create comical Pokemon Go safety video

Police continue to warn Pokemon Go players, and their parents about the dangers of not paying attention to surroundings.  Ridgefield Police have found a creative and whimsical way to offer safety tips for those who play the popular augmented reality app.


Ridgefield Police Captain Jeff Kreitz and Officer Chris DiFalco say they want people to enjoy the game, but not break any laws or endanger themselves and others while playing. 


The video was developed with The Prospector Theater.  In one scene, a teenage follows a Pokemon into a jail cell while police explain about trespassing and wandering onto private property.  Another scene shows a teen walking right into a swimming pool, and an officer jumping in to save her while asking if she at least got the Pokemon.



The video also has Ridgefield Police warning a Prospector Theater film operator that playing while at work might not be the best idea, for anyone.


The app is designed for walkers, but AAA Connecticut spokeswoman Amy Parmenter says there's evidence of some people playing while driving.  If the temptation to play while driving is too great, AAA recommends putting your cell phone in the glove compartment, back seat or trunk.


The Ridgefield Police video showed a toy car driving off a cliff, crashing and catching on fire.  Police also suggest that bicyclists who want to play, ride a tandem bike.


While they're happy to see everyone out exploring the community and interacting with one another, Police hope players stay safe.

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