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Newtown residents approve budget, capital items

There was relatively low voter turn out in Newtown yesterday for the budget referendum, just 20-percent.  Residents did overwhelmingly pass the municipal and school spending plans, along with all six of the capital items on the ballot.  On the advisory questions, residents said that if the budgets hadn't been approved they should not be increased.


Charter revisions meant that this was the first time certain capital items weren't decided on at Town Meetings.  They were listed on the ballot at random.


According to unofficial tallies, the $40.39 million municipal budget was approved 2,227 to 1,130.  The $72.99 million education budget was approved 2,150 to 1,214.


$1.8 million for middle school improvements was approved 2,053 to 1,292. 


$3 million for a new senior center was narrowly approved 1,930 to 1,391.


$750,000 toward the final phase of high school auditorium improvements got a total 2,026 yes vote and 1,295 no vote.


$850,000 for a roof replacement at Hawley School was approved 2,158 to 1,196.


$1 million for paving was approved by the largest margin of 2,841 to 485.


$300,000  to begin the design phase for a new police station was approved 2,214 to 1,109.

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