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Danbury school officials warn of so-called social media Blue Whale Challenge

The Danbury School District is warning parents about the so-called Blue Whale Challenge on social media.  Daily tasks are assigned over 50 days, gradually getting more extreme.  The challenges range from watching horror movies to self-harming.  On the 50th day, students are reportedly instructed to commit suicide. 


Superintendent Dr. Sal Pascarella sent a letter home warning about the meme or game that students in other countries have been exposed to since last year, saying when it comes to the well-being of children they can never be too careful.  The Blue Whale Challenge is now showing up on computers at schools in the region. 


Danbury school officials haven't been informed of any students who have taken their life because of this challenge.  Faculty and staff are checking school computers and speaking with students to make sure they are not involved or influenced. 


Pascarella asked parents that if they have additional information about the game or know of any students who may be involved, to contact the school counselors so that they can offer help.

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