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The Danbury City Council has voted to send a proposal to a public hearing that would transfer ownership of the Mallory Hat site to the Women's Center for a new transitional housing center.  The city owned property at 89 Rose Hill Avenue would be sold to the Women's Center for $1 if approved.


The public hearing date was not immediately scheduled.


The land does need an environmental remediation because of chemicals that seeped into the soil over the years.  The clean up is estimated at between $700,000 and $800,000. 


City Council Minority Leader Tom Saadi says this is a win for the City, a win for the environment, and addresses a critical need in the community in protecting women and children.  He called it a model, both physically in the structure and program support that's been developed over the years as a best practice.


Saadi noted that concerns with a short term flip of the property or conversion to another use are addressed in the ordinance.


Mayor Mark Boughton called it a big deal for every entity involved.  He noted that the Women's Center worked tirelessly on their capital plan.  Boughton told the Council they will be doing something for those people that are in a difficult position, and that's what government is supposed to do.


The plan would bring stability to the neighborhood while also cleaning up a blighted and contaminated property.

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