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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- The families of some Sandy Hook shooting victims are angered by a TV interview with a conspiracy theorist who has claimed the massacre was a hoax.

The family of slain first-grade teacher Vicki Soto posted a letter to NBC and interviewer Megyn Kelly on Facebook, saying they are disgusted and disappointed in the decision to air an interview with "Infowars" host Alex Jones next Sunday. 


A year ago, a New York City man who was a follower of Jones was sentenced to probation after approaching one of Soto's sisters during a charity road race and angrily claiming the shootings never took place.



They say Jones and his supporters "have done nothing but make our lives a living hell for the last 4 1/2 years."



Soto was one of six educators killed along with 20 first-grade students in the December 2012 shooting at the Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school.


The mother of one slain first-grader wrote on Twitter that harassment from people like Jones has been "too much."



Nelba Marquez Greene wrote on Twitter that she should not "shine a light" on someone with these ideas and instead should shine a light on the parents, siblings and their journeys.  She also tagged Kelly in tweets from so-called truthers calling her a crisis actor, asking for coroner reports and suggesting she sold Ana into a child trafficking ring.


On Feb. 20, the Newtown Board of Education wrote a letter asking Trump to denounce those who believe the shooting was a hoax, specifically targeting Jones.  Infowars was given a White House press credential.


The Hartford Courant reports that Jones called on Kelly to pull the interview, saying she misrepresented his views on Sandy Hook.  Jones said in a Youtube video that he believes children died at Sandy Hook School and that he has been playing "devil's advocate" during conversations with his listeners who questioned it, saying maybe none of it happened and it was all fake.


Sandy Hook Promise announced last night that it agreed with Kelly that she will not host the organization's annual Promise Champions Gala on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

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