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Danbury High School has postponed graduation from tonight to tomorrow at 5pm.  It will take place tomorrow at the high school stadium.  Tomorrow is also the last day of school for the Danbury district, except for Mill Ridge Primary.  Their last day is Wednesday.


Henry Abbott Technical High School's graduation is taking place tonight at the O'Neill Center on West Conn's west side campus.  That ceremony is slated for 6pm to 7pm and drivers are cautioned to expect traffic in the Mill Plain Road/Lake Avenue area because of that.


30 graduates of the Alternative Center for Excellence in Danbury have received their diplomas.  A graduation ceremony was held Thursday.  This was one of the school's largest graduating class.  The school focuses on addressing individual needs where students can explore their options and develop the skills and interests that best suit them. The school has about 100 students in grades nine through 12, who fulfill  the same graduation requirements as Danbury High School students. 

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