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While state lawmakers had a big task ahead of them with a projected $5 billion deficit over the next two fiscal years, there were not a lot of bills that made it through both chambers.  Danbury state Representative David Arconti says that could have been because of the slim majority of Democrats in the House and the tie in the Senate.  Arconti says that took everyone a while to figure out the new lay of the land.


A Special Session is on the calendar for Thursday, but it's unclear if there will be a budget to be voted on at that time.


Some bills were called, so debate could be held even if there were no votes.  Some bills that might not ordinarily have been called because the votes weren't there for passage were also brought forward.  Arconti says he was pleased the toll bills ended up being defeated.


Those bills also included having Connecticut delegates cast ballots for the national popular vote and marijuana legalization.

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