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The Danbury Fire Department is shedding more light on the full scale emergency training session that was held earlier this week.  It was a two-part, active shooter training exercise involving police and fire, Western Connecticut Health Network Emergency Medical Services, Mutual Aid partners, and Danbury Hospital.  


Part one was a large scale tabletop evolution, was held at the Danbury Police Department.  Part two was an exercise at Saint Gregory’s School. 


It started with a call to the Dispatch Center reporting an incident were a teacher’s husband arrived, made it past security and started shooting.  As emergency vehicles approached the scene, the training exercise escalated to having multiple victims and a hostage situation.


As the Danbury Police Department made entry with training weapons, they worked towards the hostage location, clearing areas for members of the Fire Department and the Emergency Medical Services.  A triage area and command post were set up.  


Danbury Hospital clinical trauma teams were at the ready to receive, evaluate and treat incoming patients as well as reunite family with their injured loved ones.

Area volunteers participated in the training exercise roll-playing as parents, staff, students and the shooter with realistic-looking mock wounds and injuries. 


A post incident analysis will be scheduled to ensure that participating organizations are the best prepared they can be for future emergencies.

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