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Newtown's State Representative Mitch Bolinsky attended a ceremonial bill signing this week for a measure about the opioid addiction crisis.  The new law places limits on the over-prescribing of addictive prescription pain killers.  It's also aimed at improving patient education on the safe use and proper disposal of these pills. 


Bolinsky says Newtown is not immune to this epidemic.  He recently hosted a forum to educate residents and first responders about the proper use of the overdose reversal medication, NARCAN. 


He added that while no legislation can prevent every tragedy from occurring, it can provide the infrastructure needed to empower patients with the knowledge needed to avoid misuse and abuse of their prescriptions.


The law reduces, from a seven-day supply to a five-day supply, the maximum amount of an opioid drug a practitioner may prescribe to a minor.  Additionally, the law requires prescriptions for controlled substances to be transmitted electronically to a pharmacy, limiting opportunity for prescriptions to be filled more than necessary and creating a new level of prescriber accountability, especially for those who prescribe for profit.

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