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Kent in 'wait and see' mode for ice jam thaw out

Kent First Selectman Bruce Adams says water level and ice level observers have reported that the Housatonic River has receded by about 50 inches since Saturday.  Adams says the water is still estimated to be approximately 8 feet above seasonal levels. 


He cautioned that no one can accurately predict when the ice will move. Kent is in the "wait and see" mode.  The ice jam fell by about 3 feet.  But Adams says the reduction in the overall height of the ice is the result of the ice caving in on itself, not shifting or jarring. 


Classes at the Kent School will resume on Thursday.  Boarding students will return Wednesday with dorms opening at 8am.  Local shelters are available in Kent, but none are being used at this time. The Kent Nutritional Center is currently closed. There have been no requests for assistance and/or shelter at this time.


Schaghticoke Road in Kent is closed due to water.  There's ice on Johnson Road, forcing it's closure and River Road is closed due to seasonal winter conditions.  Local private schools have offered up to 400 persons to assist in labor activities if needed.  These schools include: South Kent School, Marvelwood School, Highwatch.  Adams says t this time, volunteer assets are not needed.

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