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Brookfield officials consider replacement field suggestions

A replacement soccer field in Brookfield could be built north of the municipal center, if the current field is the spot chosen for a new library.  The Facilities Ad Hoc Committee says there are other fields there, so they could all be clustered together. 


But the Brookfield Soccer Club opposes the plan saying it's too tiny of a space to fit a full sized field. 


First Selectman Steve Dunn said some parking would have to be eliminated and it could be a tight fit.  A referendum is scheduled for the 27th on the proposed 14-point-7 million dollar, 35-thousand square foot library project. 


The location would be decided by the Board of Selectmen, though the library committee suggests Horse Field.  Brookfield Soccer Club raised the money to build the field 20 years ago. 


The Facilities Ad Hoc Committee includes representatives from Parks and Recreation, economic development, schools and athletic communities.

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