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Bethel residents voted down the municipal budget and capital budget, but approved the school funding request during yesterday's referendum.  There was just 66 votes difference on the town spending plan.  About 250 more people rejected the capital budget, which included a controversial turf field line item.  Voter turnout was about 25-percent. 


The Bethel Board of Finance will now meet to see how to revise the failed budgets.  Another town meeting will be held to determine when the next referendum will be scheduled.  The school budget will remain the same.


The Bethel Boards of Selectmen and Finance, along with the construction team and Public Buildings Committee are holding a joint meeting tonight about police station cost overruns.  Residents approved $13.5 million for the project, but costs for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing came in higher than budgeted because of market changes.

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