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Enforcement of rules stepped up at Lynn Deming Park

Some enforcement changes are being rolled out at Lynn Deming Park in New Milford.  The town park on Candlewood Lake has been very popular so far this summer and that's caused safety concerns. 


There are now park managers, and security guards have been retrained. 


Non-residents are allowed in the park, only if they've purchased a $25 per person, per day, pass at the Parks and Rec office.  As of last week, only four non-resident passes had been purchased.  Non-residents are not allowed to walk into the park. 


Mayor Pete Bass says some people have also been sneaking into the park through the woods.  The two park managers or rangers will rotate shifts with a patrol along the edge of the woods.  Eversource is being contacted about fencing the area bordering New Milford's property. 


No car is allowed to enter numerous times, shuttling people in.  Additional signage and cones have been placed along Candlewood Lake Road North in an effort to stop illegal parking.  Cars will be towed. 


Bass noted that there have been several boaters dropping off people or illegally docking for the day.  Violators will be subject to trespass laws and have their boat towed. 


On the 4th of July, Bass says there was unacceptable noise levels, a generator and loudspeakers brought in.  Extra staff and/or modification of staff hours have been made.  During peak demand, New Milford Police will be making several passes through the Park as well as Addis Park.  


A “cheat sheet” was made for security staff of the most broken rules to focus on weaknesses. 

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