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GOP candidates for the 5th Congressional District debate

There was a debate last night between the three Republicans on the primary ballot for the 5th Congressional District. 
The candidates were asked if they agree with the gun reforms enacted in Connecticut in response to the shootings at Sandy Hook School. GOP endorsed candidate Manny Santos said he is not in favor of them.  Rich Dupont did not agree with the laws passed by the General Assembly.  Ruby Corby O'Neill, who is a developmental psychologist, said it was good that passage of the reforms started a conversation about mental health, school safety, and gun trafficking.  But she says those are the only three things that should remain.  
All three said it's not about the guns, it's about the people.
One topic was the tax cuts approved by Congress.  Santos says he understands why some people don't like the cap on state and local deductions.  He added that the legislature should work on reducing the cost of living in Connecticut.  Corby O'Neill says the bill will help people on a fixed-income because it gave 75 utility companies have the ability to cut their rates.  Dupont, who works in the energy industry, countered that it may apply in other parts of the country but not in Connecticut or the 5th District.
Santos said he would have voted for having work requirements for Medicaid.  He said getting training or showing an active job search would have also been good.  Corby O'Neill agreed and went further saying income thresholds should be examined.  Dupont said programs that incentivize people to stay home by taking care of them need to change.

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