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Graphic Video shows rescue of deer stuck in a Newtown fence

It was a different kind of rescue mission in Newtown than police were probably used to.  On Monday night, Patrol Officer Timothy Schoen was called to the scene of a deer in distress. The deer had one of its hind legs tangled in the fence. 


Some may find the content of the video disturbing.


The deer appeared agitated as he approached, but became calm enough that the officer could lift the animal up in an effort to get some leverage.  A man then approached the deer from behind the other side of the fence.  They used a riot shield, which was needed as the deer kicked repeatedly. 



The pair were able to free the animal's leg after a few minutes.  After being freed, the deer ran off into the woods. 


Department officials say not being trained in the police academy on how to handle these situations, Officer Schoen did the best he could with what he had. 

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