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Danbury does sight evaluation of trees along roadways

The May 15th macroburst caused immediate damage to trees in the Greater Danubry area.  Then days of rainfall have been saturating the ground causing weak trees to fall.  Some falling trees in Brookfield prompted officials there to close walking paths on town-owned properties until a survey  can be completed on the health of surrounding trees. 


Danbury officials did a cursory driveby to evaluate dangers after the severe weather.  There was renewed concerns raised after a passenger in a pick up truck was killed when a tree fell on his vehicle last month. 


Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola says they did a couple of calls after that and a crew went to out evaluate the trees.  City Councilwoman Colleen Stanely said she was on Cross Street when a tree fell in front of her.  She questioned whether homeowners are being notified if it's a tree on private land, or whether the department has people to go out to take care of trees in the City right-of-ways. 


A city tree has to be within 10 feet of the gutter line, where the catch basins are.  Snow plow routes were used to canvas the city, but Iadarola says they didn't walk every mile of road and check every tree.

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