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Newtown officials to meet about police station proposal

The Newtown Legislative Council is holding a special meeting tonight to act on acquiring two parcels of land for a new police station.  They'll also give final legislative approval of $14.8 million for construction of a facility on South Main Street and Pecks Lane.  That would send the bonding request to the voters in November. 


Police Chief James Viadero has been making the department's pitch for an updated and larger police station.  He says right now, 35 male officers using a locker room made for 15 and 7 female officers in an antiquated locker room. 


Another concern is parking.  There isn't a separate area for patrol cars, there aren't visitor spaces and civilian employee and police officer's personal cars are all mingling.  Viadero says another big problem with the current facility could become a safety issue. 


The garage area where prisoners are brought in isn't big enough.  Viadero says if they bring in multiple suspects, they have to pull one patrol car in, close the door, have the first person go into the building, open the door, back the patrol car out and repeat the process.  He says this is the number one safety issue for officers, especially in a residential area.

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