Local Headlines

The Candlewood Lake Authority has partnered with representatives from a group in New Jersey on a collaboration aimed at helping both bodies of water.  The CLA recently made a trip to meet with the Lake Hopatcong Foundation, and learned about some of their environmental challenges and proposed solutions. 


The lakes have officially been proclaimed sister lakes.  The proclamation will lead to a commitment to long-term information sharing partnership. 


Members of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation visited Candlewood a few months ago.  The New Jersey group expressed an interest in the sterile grass carp stocking initiative helping to combat milfoil growth in Candlewood.  The CLA wants to gain insight how the Hopatcong group has successfully prevented the spread of water chestnut and other invasive species in their waters. 


Hopatcong experiences other similar environmental stressors that Candlewood Lake does, including blue-green algae bloom.  The 4 square mile New Jersey lake, like the 8.5 square mile Candlewood Lake, has a shoreline with many coves, split among several municipalities.