Local Headlines

Bethel has sent out an update to Water Department customers on consent order progress.  The town  agreed with the state Department of Public Health in July 2016 to address and correct water system deficiencies in the system.  Quarterly updates have been made since that time. 


Bethel installed a new booster pump station at Briar Cliff Manor and water main extension to increase the pressure in the distribution system to correct the deficiency.  All customer service connections that did not meet the minimum psi operation pressure will be connected to the improved system by the end of this week and will be in compliance. 


Bethel conducted its annual inspection of both clearwells and found no problems. 


Quarterly samples have met regulatory requirements and have been below the Maximum Contaminent Level for Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM).  Bethel made system modifications to reduce the use of surface water supplies and replace it with additional groundwater supplies.  The lower total organic carbon level of the ground water supply, as compared to surface water supply, minimizes the formation of chlorination by-produicts such as TTHMs.