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Brookfield signs FEMA documents as aid request moves forward

Brookfield officials recently went to a meeting with FEMA about reimbursement for clean up and recovery from the May macroburst.  They signed all of the documents for aid and are in the process of filing claims through their new system. 


First Selectman Steve Dunn hopes to get that in as quickly as possible with the recent and current hurricane activity along the eastern seaboard.  Brookfield was originally told that only the top two categories of work would be reimbursed, but after the recent meeting was notified that A-G categories would be eligible.  Brookfield is submitting claims to be authenticated by FEMA at $2.8 million. 


Dunn cautioned that there's no guarantee of reimbursement. 


Meanwhile members of the Connecticut congressional delegation are looking to change the law to encourage federal disaster relief aid to homeowners for fallen trees and debris.  The lawmakers say current federal law bars Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance, and that the cost of debris removal cannot currently be included in damage assessments provided by FEMA to the president.  That makes it harder for states to qualify for needed disaster declarations and federal relief.

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