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Congress members hold meeting in Newtown on gun violence prevention

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Vice Chair Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty was in Newtown last night for a roundtable discussion.  Task Force Chairman, California Congressman Mike Thompson, joined her and others for a discussion on federal gun violence prevention initiatives.  Esty backed the Fix NICS Act and the STOP School Violence Act, both of which were signed into law by President Trump.


The Fix NICS Act closes gaps in the national background check system.


The STOP School Violence Act gives educators and students tools to spot the potential for violent incidents and prevent them before they happen.  Connecticut has received $500,000 through the measure to implement programs from Sandy Hook Promise to help train students, educators, and school administrators how to identify, assess, intervene, and get help for those exhibiting at-risk behaviors.  The Task Force was formed in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook School. 


Esty has introduced measures modeled after Connecticut law, including a limit on high-capacity magazines and the Gun Violence Restraining Order Act, which allows authorities to temporarily take guns from those judged by a court to be a threat to themselves or others.  She also backs the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act, which would ensure people who have abused dating partners are prohibited from buying or owning firearms and close the loophole that lets some convicted stalkers access to guns. 


The Gun Violence Research Act, would repeal the Dickey Amendment, which states, “None of the funds made available in this title may be used, in whole or part, to advocate or promote gun control.”

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