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A holiday greetings banner has been approved to go up at P.T. Barnum Square in Bethel.  It will not be placed directly next to a creche, but will be at the other end of the green. 

It's four-foot by eight-foot and no longer includes the American Atheists logo, but is still signed "from your friendly atheist neighbors."  First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says he understands the concerns with the banner, but they don't have a legal right to deny a completed application. Selectman Paul Szatkowski voted against the application, arguing inadequate space.

Guidelines adopted last month state that a holiday display cannot defame or attack another religion or person, cannot be excessively large so that it hinders public safety, must be sponsored by local residents or organizations, be positive in nature and can be religious or secular. 

A committee will be formed in the new year to create a long term policy.

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