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Eversource transmission maintenance work in Redding began in August on the line running from Peaceable to Diamond Hill Road and the Archer Street Substation.  Eversource plans to replace 26 existing structures in the areas of Diamond Hill Road, Umpawaug Road, Windy Hill Road, Quarry Rock Road, Seventy Acres Road, Indian Hill Road, and Peaceable Street.  Additional trees may be removed and access ways improved so that large machinery can access the right of way.

Some Redding residents are upset with the project and the common feeling is that it's not maintenance, but a large-scale construction project.  Overall, the roads and paths that were created are a concern.  First Selectman Julia Pemberton said during a recent Board of Selectmen meeting that the gravel paths look more like parking lots and are elevated.  Eversource said in response to resident complaints that they would put down grass seed.  

Umpawaug is scenic road, and the view can't be changed from the road.  She says the work that was done is detrimental.  She noted that someone can't even build a stone wall if they wanted to.  Pemberton notes that crews walked some properties to discuss restoration of trees that were cut down along the roadways, because that's the town's purview.  Eversource says they can't plant trees because they need access, but she believes it is possible.

Discussions between Redding officials and the utility are ongoing.

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