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Bethel Public Schools held a computer sale on Tuesday evening, as part of a capstone project run by students in the NJROTC program.  The devices would have otherwise been recycled.  The students didn't realize how popular this event would be.  The High School Principal and Superintendent said in a letter to parents and the community that it was an imperfect process.

Going forward, cadets will set up and adhere to more explicit purchasing guidelines.  They will include following advertised times, implementing purchasing limits and developing a wait list for future purchases.  School officials say they did not anticipate the level of interest and were trying to accommodate the residents who arrived early. 

The Bethel Board of Selectmen approved the release of old computer equipment.  The 90 old IMACS and 150 Samsung Chromebooks were refurbished.   The IMACS are from the 90s and the Chromebooks are from 2013.  The proceeds from the sale of the equipment will be put back into the Town's budget, per the Charter.  The money would be distributed to the NJROTC during the 2019-2020 budget.

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