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There were some fires over the weekend in the Greater Danbury area. 

On Friday afternoon, Ridgefield firefighters received a call of a school bus that appeared to be smoking heavily near the intersection of George Washington Highway and Old Mill Road.  The children had been evacuated.  It turned out to be a brake fire, which the driver put out with an extinguisher. 

Brookfield firefighters responded to Obtuse Road South on a report of a brush fire late Friday night.  Firefighters worked for 90 minutes to put out the deep seated mulch fire.  They had the help of a backhoe from the Brookfield Public Works Department. 

On Saturday, New Fairfield firefighters responded to an electrical fire.  A homeowner was using a space heater to take the chill out of the house, but it was plugged into a power strip.  Fire officials cautioned people against that, saying the device must be used on its own plug.

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