Local Headlines

As part of the planning phase of the I-84 Danbury Project, the project team released a Needs and Deficiencies Report.  It identifies several deficiencies in the corridor including considerable traffic congestion.

The ramps contribute to many of the congestion and safety problems in the corridor, according to the report.  They are closely spaced and some use the same lane for entering and exiting traffic, which causes weaving.  Another problem identified in the report is the incomplete interchange at Exit 6, which does not allow sufficient access to Danbury Hospital, a major regional employer. 

A lot of congestion happens near the Route 7 merge, so that roadway was also examined.

The report determined that I-84 itself has substandard geometry. In many areas, the curvature of the roadway does not provide drivers adequate sight lines, especially for slowing and stopping. The steep grades prohibit large trucks from reaching their desired speeds in many areas. 

A goal is also to find a set of solutions to address broader issues including the lack of travel demand management programs like commuter parking, carpool, vanpool and other employer driven opportunities within the region.