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Bridgewater officials say people still not heeding social distancing guidelines

Greater Danbury area leaders continue to remind residents about the importance of social distancing.  Bridgewater First Selectman Curtis Read says some people still aren't heeding the message and he's offering some suggestions.  When walking along country roads or trails, keep a distance and don't walk four abreast.  He's also calling on people not to tear down yellow warning tape at the Rec Area and use the swing sets. 

Last week, Bridgewater town employees had to remove the basketball nets and hoops because young people were congregating.  Read says the problem is that these close social interactions can spread COVID-19 which is then brought into private homes and can infect parents and grandparents. 

Bridgewater trails are listed on the published state list as an alternate place to state parks where people can go. Read is worried that this will bring increasing foot traffic and more people with dogs off leash. Residents have already noticed this situation.

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