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Danbury Health Department offers reminders about defrosted foods

The Danbury Department of Health and Human Services has some reminders about food and power outages.  Never taste food to determine its safety.  Residents are being told to discard several items if the fridge has been without power for more than 4 hours--including raw meat, fish and eggs, lunch meat, milk, cream, yogurt, and soft cheeses.  Salad dressing, cut vegetables, cooked vegetables and garlic stored in oil.  Any opened mayonnaise, tartar sauce, and horseradish should be discarded if they were held above 50 °F for over 8 hours.  Safe-to-Eat Foods include pickles, non-creamy salad dressings, whole fruits and vegetables, hard and processed cheeses, and butter or margarine.  Safe-to-Eat Frozen Foods are those that have thawed, but still contain ice crystals.

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