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Redding residents have approved a budget for the coming fiscal year, plus three capital expenditures.  During the referendum yesterday, 843 residents approved of the $23-million Redding Board of Ed budget, $12.67 million for the town's share of the Region 9 school budget, and $15.37 million for the municipal operating budget.  277 people opposed.  The Region 9 budget was approved in Easton and Redding by a combined vote of 2,150 to 997. 

In Redding, $100,000 was approved for construction of a pavilion and playground at the community center, funded by a state grant. 

$145,000 was approved for repairs to the Boardwalk at Lonetown March, replacement of Town Hall hearing room windows and roof, as well as paint for the exterior of Town Hall.  That money is coming from the Capital Fund Surplus.

The same margin of approval was also given to $342,000 for exterior paint for the community center, building repairs at Lonetown Farmhouse, mechanics bay slab at the Highway Department, sweeper refurbishment, a combination backhoe/loader and a server for police vehicle cameras.  The projects are to be funded by the Debt Reserve Fund.

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