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Danbury City Council approves budget on party-line vote

With a party line vote, the Danbury City Council has approved a budget for the coming fiscal year.  In a vote of 11 to 10, the $267 million tax and spending plan passed with all Democrats opposed.  Most cited a need for more funding for the schools. 

The Board of Education asked for $4 million dollars more than what was included in the budget.  The district will receive 137 million dollars from the City, $1.25 million more than this year.  There's also little more than $5 million in federal grants coming to the schools and a $3.5 million surplus from a prior year headed to the district. 

Councilman Duane Perkins proposed an amendment to use up to $4.3 million in the fund balance to meet the Board's full request.  City Finance Director David St Hilaire said some money is already coming from there, and if the fund balance gets too low, rating agencies could look poorly on the Danbury as it borrows for the career academy and wastewater treatment plant. 

The tax rate and sewer and water rates are holding steady next year.  The Council also approved $3 million in capital projects, including paving and boiler replacements.

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