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Single-use plastic bags to be banned in Conn. starting tomorrow, fee sunsetting

A ban on single-use plastic bags will take effect in Connecticut on Thursday.  As a result, the single-use plastic bag fee will sunset as of today.  State Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Mark Boughton is providing retailers and taxpayers details about the changes.  Stores may continue to use other bags, such as paper or reusable bags, but must collect and remit sales tax on these sales.

The General Assembly enacted the 10-cent fee in August of 2019.  The fee was aimed at changing people's behavior, and Boughton says it worked.  The state predicted taking in $10 million to $12 million over the two years the fee has been in effect, but it's been in the area of $4.4 million. 

Boughton says he notices fewer plastic bag littering Danbury so the fee made a difference in something that has a half-life of thousands of years.  He says it's been good to take something out of the waste stream that's been a problem. 

Retailers must report the plastic bag fee on their Connecticut Sales and Use Tax Return forms.  Depending of whether the retailer is a monthly, quarterly, or annual filer, that will dictate the due date on which retailers must report and remit any fees that are collected through June 30th. 

According to a DRS bulletin, any retailer that improperly collects or any customer who mistakenly pays the plastic bag fee after Wednesday would be eligible to seek a refund from DRS.