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Himes holds listening sessions

4th District Congressman Jim Himes is holding a series listening session for his first in person events in the state since the start of the pandemic.  Ones were held Monday in Monroe and yesterday in Ridgefield.  One of the topics that came up was the future of the Supreme Court.  Himes says he likes a plan that would create an 18 year term for justices, with staggered terms. He says that would insulate the court from partisanship since the Justices can't be removed.  The topics ranged from domestic to foreign.  Himes supports the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but says it breaks his heart for what will happen in that country.  He has reservations, but added that he doesn't want to send any more soldiers to possibly die for a mission that will not be accomplished.  Himes also addressed infrastructure improvements, climate change and border security. 

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