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New Milford is looking for a place to put community ball fields.  Park & Rec Director Dan Calhoun says they have 20 parks to maintain, with current ball fields spread across the entire town including, Youngsfield.  Planners want to create a state-of-the-art sports complex with multipurpose fields, baseball, softball fields, BMX bike track, indoor basketball/volleyball courts, outside walking paths and other facilities. 

The New Milford Town Council has authorized talks between the Mayor and Kimberly Clark about land the company owns on Route 7, not the old wood pulp disposal site.  Adjacent to the property is old farmland that has been fallow for years. 

The skate park, tennis courts, basketball courts and playground at Youngsfield would remain where they are, but be improved and expanded as part of the overall plan.  Until a new complex is built, the ball fields will remain as well.  New uses proposed for Youngsfield after the ball fields move would include a splash pad in summer, ice skating in winter, a bandshell and open space. 

Since the former Century Brass site is so large, some residents asked if a sports complex could be located there.  The brownfield site requires a higher standard of remediation for certain uses.  Public Works buildings will have slabs, but sports fields if allowed by DEEP, and the EPA would have a much higher standard and become cost-prohibitive.

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