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Brookfield declines cell tower proposal on Public Works property

Brookfield has declined to have a cell tower from Homeland Towers be located at the Public Works complex at 93 Grays Bridge Road. Homeland Towers argues that this would create an additional revenue stream for the town, improve cell coverage and be critical infrastructure for public safety.  The company says Public Works and the Highway Department are ok with the proposed location. 

Selectman Harry Shaker says it's a 16-story structure that would be out of place in the town, and there will be complaints from area residents.  He says the money per year, for 55 years, is not worth it.  Homeland Towers previously worked with the town to construct a wireless facility at 100 Pocono Road.  

Homeland Towers has other locations in mind.  The company plans to float a balloon to 165 feet and then take photos where it's visible from.  They will then produce an in-depth report, including any environmental impacts.  While the carriers need 24-7 access to the site for maintenance calls, Homeland Towers says the sites are usually visited less than three times a year.

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