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New Fairfield residents have rejected a proposed noise ordinance.  A town meeting was held on Sunday and more than 300 residents turned out to weigh in on the matter.  The measure failed on a vote of 254 to 129. 

New Fairfield has experienced excessive noise complaints over the years, specifically in the summer.  First Selectman Pat Del Monaco says there are areas in town with excessive noise issues and this would have provided a way to correct those issues.  The proposed ordinance included guidelines about certain activities and sources of potentially disruptive sound.  There were a number of exclusions as well.  

Any person living or doing business in New Fairfield could have applied to the Director of Health for a variance from one or more of the provisions of the Noise Ordinance.  

Del Monaco previously said they consulted with sound experts, attorneys and local law enforcement.  The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection had signed off on the proposal.

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