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A candidate forum in Newtown that was supposed to be held tonight by the PTA will feature fewer candidates.  Only two Democratic Board of Ed candidates will be in attendance at the forum. 

The three Republican candidates for Board of Education sent a letter to the PTA saying they would not attend.  The local Republican Town Committee cited election conditions in Newtown that they say are so negative that maintaining a fair, balanced, and safe environment at public events is exceedingly difficult.  The letter continues that while security may be provided at the event, they don't want to put their candidates in a “potentially hostile situation that could be avoided.” 

They referenced public participation at Board of Education meetings, saying comments have disparaged candidates.  The current Board of Education Chair said in a Facebook post say Board meetings over the last year have drawn many more public comments than in past years, noting that the issues can be very contentious, and board members often hear sharp criticism.

The forum is at Newtown High School, in the auditorium, from 7pm to 8:30pm.

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