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Local Headlines

Services held in Newtown to mark 9th anniversary of 12/14

By this time next year, Newtown expects that the Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial will be open to the public.  First Selectman Dan Rosenthal says the plans have been scaled back to fit the budget, but the main themes that the Commission agreed to will still be featured, included a central water fountain with a sycamore tree and winding paths. 

Rosenthal says the site work and clearing started in August and is mostly complete.  The subsurface work for the central water feature is also moving along. 

Church services in Newtown yesterday marked the 9th anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook School.  Bridgeport Diocese Bishop Frank Caggiano delivered remarks at the annual memorial Mass and said the darkness did not engulf Newtown because for the past nine years the community has chosen to walk in the light.  The service was held at St. Rose of Lima Church. 

The names of the 20 first-graders and six educators were read as bells rang. 

The annual Interfaith Service of Remembrance was also held at Trinity Episcopal Church. Newtown Congregational Church senior minister Reverend Matt Crebbin says this  is a journey of hope and transformation in a world filled with brokenness.

President Joe Biden released a video message marking yesterday's 9th anniversary of the shooting that claimed the lives of 20 first graders and 6 educators.  He says the nation owes the families of those killed more than prayers, but action.