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Education officials look to diversify Conn. teacher workforce

Education officials in Connecticut are looking to diversify the state's teacher workforce.  Governor Ned Lamont noted that people of color now make up 10 percent of all teachers statewide.  That figure was at 7 percent when Lamont took office.  The state has an apprenticeship-like program involving an 18 month residency in a school and upon completion can become certified to teach. It’s open to anyone who already has a bachelor’s degree.  School districts spend just over $60,000 a year, per teacher, in the program, which covers training provided by the program, full pay, and benefits for the resident teacher, and a stipend for a mentor in the school.  Funding is included in the state budget this year for the alliance districts, which includes Danbury.  11 schools were participating in the residency program last, and it's up to 45 this year.  23 school districts are participating this year.  Education Committee co-chair State Senator Douglas McCrory says the data shows all children in this country, all children, whether they’re black, brown, yellow, green, poor, wealthy, all children learn better when they are taught by a diverse teaching population.

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